Minding My Money

Minding My Money (MMM) provides big data analytics to non-profits, businesses, start-ups, minority communities, their leadership and membership. The data sets are comprised of 7 (seven) areas of living: Personal Development, Family & Community life, Technology, Economic Development, Education, Sustainable and Wellness. This 3-month interactive course is all about developing solid life spending principles and practices. This interactive experience provides participants with the tools and opportunities to evaluate their habits to support the introduction of healthier habits. As an engagement tool, it provides opportunities for exchange among participants, mentors, partners and industry experts. As an ongoing activation solution on select college and university campuses to initiate, sustain, and advance the conversations around life, leadership, innovation and diversity. Participants go through a series of leadership workshops and interactive curriculums to increase their ability to identify, manage, evaluate and develop the next generation of leaders. Competitions and challenges are conducted during high traffic times such as Homecoming, Graduation, Annual Events and conferences to display, celebrate, promote and reward participants.