Diversity Matters

Helping leadership find creative solutions to arduous problems is how Diversity Matters empowers colleges and universities, students, alumni and its partners. Through the use of multimedia content, Diversity Matter is focused on: supporting the individuals and institutions responsible for educating and developing underrepresented and new talent; exhibiting their relationship to resolving global problems; advocating their worthiness of leadership and providing them with the tools to inspire the masses. These experiences integrate entertainment, fashion, music and media to investigate if diversity really matters? As a advocacy initiative, we provide invaluable reporting to Diversity Matters campuses and partners on the behavior and interest of underrepresented and new talent; promotes growth through industry education, access to technology; provides mentor matching; procurement and financial management training. Finally, we provide social networking, lead generation and content aggregation to help gather support for diversity related initiatives focused on the growth of professionals in the Top 10 underrepresented industries.