A Community Like Mine

An interactive community comprised of advocates, industry experts, businesses and investors, A Community Like Mine specializes in developing and supporting ideas, initiatives and investments that are socially conscious, “green”, economically self-sustaining and culturally diverse. We invest in safe spaces, ideas and businesses that support the needs of those in the most need; the underrepresented, underutilized and underserved. Additionally, this solution allows us to collaborate with influencers, our partners, start-ups, and institutions. We provide program management, brand development, consultants, data analysis, interactive solutions and technology systems that are focused on communities in need. As a business solution commune and collaborate with our team, lifestyle and industry experts, in wellness based co-working spaces that infuse mentoring, leadership, innovation and product design studios. Strategically located, these spaces provide a sense of home and community for our members, industry partners, start-ups and global collaborators. We match your areas of interest with markets and communities in need of your product. Culturally diverse, we curate marketing and media campaigns to promote programs, partners, products and projects via grassroots and digital solutions that are able to sustain and help booster our marketing and media efforts.